1. What is a church capital campaign?
A church capital campaign is first of all a spiritual endeavor which will result in increased giving toward the church vision. As church members grow in faith and understanding of God’s provision, it is only natural that giving toward God’s vision will increase. The children of Israel gave and gave and gave because they were reminded that every material possession they had was because of God’s provision for them. In a church capital campaign the people of God are being invited to give over and above their tithe to achieve the church’s mission.

2. Is a church capital fundraising campaign Biblical?
The first capital fundraiser is detailed in Exodus 25:1-9. “The Lord said to Moses ‘Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering, you are to receive the offering for me from each man whose heart prompts him to give.’” So God Himself told Moses to take up an offering for the purpose of building the tabernacle. Notice that each person was to pray and give as they were led.

In 1 Chronicles 29, King David gives an offering for the building of the Temple. In verse 3, David says “’Besides, in my devotion to the Temple of my God I now give my personal treasures of gold and silver for the Temple of my God over and above everything.’”David then goes on to encourage everyone to give to the effort. It is clear that scripture implores us as Christians to give an offering over and above the tithe whenever a building project, renovation, or property purchase is to be under taken.

3. How does a church capital fundraising project work?
A capital campaign is a focused effort on the part of a church to raise significant dollars during a specified period of time, usually the funds raised are for the purpose of construction, renovation, or purchase of property or to pay off debt.

4. When is the best time for a church to do a capital fundraising program?
Generally speaking, the Spring and Fall are considered to be the best times of year for churches to raise funds. It’s important the effort doesn’t interfere with Easter and Christmas celebrations. Summer is usually a bad time because of travel and vacations.

5. What kind of results should we expect?
A typical church can average 2 times its annual income in pledges over the 3 year period. At Ascend Stewardship, most of our churches average between 2 ½ and 3 times income. The total can also be affected by economic circumstances, specific purposes, and other factors.

6. How much of the total pledges does a church usually collect?
Over the years studies have concluded that the average church will collect between 90% and 93% of their pledge totals.

7. Why hire a professional campaign consultant to raise money?
Most churches do not have staff or members with the time and expertise to organize, resource, and direct an effective church capital fundraising campaign. A professional campaign consultant will usually influence the results in a capital campaign in a positive way. According to some studies, a typical consultant directed campaign will raise 50% or more above a typical church led campaign. A good consultant will make it worthwhile for a church to hire him or her thru results.

8. How often can a church do a capital fundraising campaign?
Most experts agree that a church can do one major project every five years. More often than that threatens to bring giving fatigue to a congregation.

9. Can a campaign fit our church culture?
A good consultant will immerse themselves into the church and its congregation. By doing this, he or she will become familiar with the nuances of each church’s culture, and will tailor the campaign accordingly.

10. Will a church capital campaign make getting a loan easier?
All financing institutions have their own qualifying factors, but generally speaking a lender will ask to see the results of a capital campaign. A successful campaign can weigh positively on a financing decision.


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