FrankjacobswebDear Russ Priddy,

I must admit, that when you and I discussed “The Rock” conducting a capital campaign I thought, “there is no way this will work for this church”.  My thoughts went in this direction for a number of reasons. First, it is a terrible economy and people are struggling paying their tithes and giving an offering. Secondly, as you know, our church is in a low socioeconomic geography of Charlotte. In this part of Charlotte, people are seriously struggling financially. Third, it was right after the Holiday season. Well, I am writing this brief letter to provide you with an update with the results so far with our capital campaign:

  • Over 200 families have made commitments in writing to the campaign. This is simply amazing!!
  • Our “First fruit” Sunday yielded $85,000. This significantly exceeded my expectation!
  • The total amount committed approached $900,000 – Astounding result!

Based on the aforementioned outcomes, I would like to thank you for your support with our Capital Campaign. Your program and your personal support was exactly what my church needed for them to launch into this Vision. Additionally, it has been 3 months since First Fruit Sunday, and the support for the campaign has continued. We are now seeing about a 25-30% increase in overall giving based on this campaign.

Thanks once again. I would recommend you and your capital campaign program to any church interested in conducting one.


Superintendent Frank Jacobs
Sr. Pastor


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