To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend highly the Capital Funds Program of Russ Priddy. Through the recommendation of a mutual friend we were introduced to this wonderful stewardship program. With much prayer and great consideration Russ Priddy agreed to help our ministry. At a time when our backs were up against the wall and we were in dire need of raising funds, this program brought a revival not only to our finances but to our overall love walk with God.

In a six week span, Russ trained our staff, met with key leaders and prepared us for the journey ahead. In times past we had sought out other campaign programs but their presentations lacked the elements needed for our ministry. Our membership had experienced much wear and tear, and needed program that would revitalize, replenish and Revive their hearts once again.

Through this program, and the help of God we were able to raise a half a million dollars within a six week time span. Russ’s program not only generated finances but pulled our membership together in an unprecedented way. Only in eternity will Russ Priddy know how much he has added to this ministry by helping to free our hands up for true Kingdom ministry.

It is with much respect for Russ Priddy’s Capital Campaign Program that I recommend this program to all pastors, business leaders and all who seek a campaign of integrity, honesty and restoration. We are a better ministry for having partnered with such a wonderful program.



Bishop Stanley B. Searcy, Sr.
Senior Pastor

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