The “Ascend Stewardship Godly Money Mindset”

Stewardship is the beginning. It is the basis on which to build your church’s fund-raising campaign.



For more information on our Stewardship training, please contact Aaron J. Shingler, Church Financial Consultant.


Your campaign leaders should have a clear understanding of the importance of stewardship to the campaign — and to their Christianity — and the ability to explain its importance to the congregation.

Ascend Stewardship & Consulting teaches church leaders and members how to manage tangible possessions, such as their money and assets, and intangible possessions, their time and talent, for the glory of God. Our staff teaches “The Ascend Stewardship Godly Money Mindset.”

Jesus equates how we handle money and generosity with the quality of our spiritual lives. The Lord talked about money, possessions, and generosity so much. Our lives revolve around this. There are more than 2,000 scriptures in the Bible related to money and possessions – more than any other subject. This is a very, very important aspect of the Word of God. The scripture uses money as an illustration to help Christians understand how money and generosity affect your Christianity.

Ascend teaches that your bank, checking, and saving accounts, and credit card statements are theological documents. They show who you worship. Is God pleased with your documents?



For training, Ascend offer churches a choice of on site or online training in stewardship, based on Biblical principles of money and generosity.

Benefits/Expected Outcomes for Church Leaders and Congregations

  • Understanding God’s purpose of money and strengthening “your money and generosity walk” with God.
  • Building Godly character, obedience and honesty.
  • Building a stewardship culture church wide –Time, Talent and Treasure.
  • Building a more financial literate membership.
  • Strengthening your Christian walk and becoming faithful with HIS possessions.
  • Finding the money to give and becoming more generous.
  • Understanding how to give from income and assets.
  • Leaving legacy gifts to your heirs, church and the causes that support your beliefs and principles.
  • Overcoming threats of consumerism.

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