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What does Ascend do?

Ascend Stewardship and Consulting is a leading church financial consulting company. We have helped hundreds of churches across America raise funds for construction, renovation, purchase and debt retirement. Ascend has also helped hundreds of churches to obtain financing to accomplish the mission God has set before them.

What is a capital fundraising campaign?

A capital campaign is a concerted effort to raise a substantial amount of money for a specific project or undertaking. Capital campaigns require coordination and cooperation from the church membership.

How much experience does Ascend consultants have?

Ascend is blessed to have three of the most experienced church financial consultants in America. Sr. V.P. Aaron Shingler has worked with hundreds of churches. He is a recognized expert in originating and underwriting church bond financing and commercial bank loans for churches as well as conducting church capital fundraising campaigns. Darrell Copeland has conducted over 200 capital fundraising campaigns and has experience underwriting church loans for a leading bank. Russ Priddy has over 30 years working with churches. He is a former chairman of the finance committee of the executive board of the southern Baptist convention. Since starting his business in 1995, Russ has worked with almost 500 churches in areas of church financing, capital fundraising and financial and investment consulting.

Is Ascend affordable to work with?

Ascend is very affordable and will work with the church to set up an easy payment plan. Ascend is usually 40 to 50 percent lower in cost than other capital campaign companies.

Why should a church use Ascend as opposed to just doing a capital campaign themselves?

Quite frankly by using Ascend you will raise more money. Most churches who do their own capital campaign will raise over time their annual income or less. Ascend averages between 2 and 2 ½ times the church income in 3-year pledges. Ascend more than pays for themselves in increased pledges.

Can Ascend provide references?

We will be happy to give your names of pastors across America that you can talk with concerning their experience with Ascend.

How long is a capital fundraising campaign?

Ascend recommends at least 6 to 8 weeks of planning and preparation. The actual capital campaign runs 6 weeks.

Do banks require capital fundraising campaigns?

Most banks like to know the results of a capital campaign. It tells them a lot about the church, the vision, and enthusiasm of the membership.

Does ascend to free evaluations?

Yes, Ascend will provide a free evaluation to tell you how much your church should raise and how much you can finance.


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