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Proverbs 29:18a KJV tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

To properly understand this verse, we must first define and understand two words: vision and perish.

In this context, the word “vision” can adequately be translated in today’s terminology as seeing a picture. To have vision is to have a picture in mind of how the project will look when complete. Achieving a vision is much like taking a trip: it has two points – a beginning and an end.

The word “perish” literally means to become unusable. The verse is saying that where there’s no picture of what God wants you to accomplish, those around you can’t help you accomplish the task. Simply stated, vision is a God-given picture of what He wants you to achieve in your life, job or ministry for His glory.

Understanding Vision

A vision can best be illustrated in two ways: a football play and a Thanksgiving dinner.

In football, every offensive play begins with a picture of what’s to be accomplished. A coach knows beforehand what he wants to happen. If he wants to score a touchdown, he calls a play designed to achieve that goal.

In the same way, when planning a big Thanksgiving meal, the host knows what the table will look like before the turkey is placed in the oven. The menu is planned well in advance, and work assignments are made before the table is set. That picture is what determines the look the meal will have when everyone sits down to enjoy it.

Football plays and Thanksgiving meals don’t just happen; they’re envisioned. Likewise, churches that are accomplishing great things for God do so by achieving the vision He has set before them.

So, the question is this: How do you accomplish God’s vision for your church?

Our founder, Russ Priddy, believes there are six essential steps.

Hear What Some of our Clients Have to Say!

Bishop C. H. Mcclelland

Bishop C. H. McClelland,
Holy Cathedral Church
of God in Christ

“I would, without reservation, recommend Ascend Stewardship & Consulting to a church that is contemplating building. Russ & Team were knowledgeable and trusted advisors. The campaign itself was bathed in scripture, taking us on a journey of trusting and believing God through the process… As a result of this God-given strategy, we raised over three hundred thousand dollars within the first six months and hit our goal within a year. To God Be the Glory!! … Russ has been with us every step of the way…."

The Rev. Gary Merrit, Executive Pastor Palm City New Hope, A Church Of The Nazarene, Palm City, Fl

The Rev. Gary Merrit,
Palm City New Hope

“Russ is very dedicated to church success … with great follow-through and individualized attention. I count on him as one of the most helpful persons I have encountered as a church administrator. I recommend him to anyone looking for help with church finance issues...”

Pastor Greg Neal

Pastor Greg Neal,
Immanuel Baptist Church

"In ministry God brings people across your path at the right time to help you accomplish your work for Him. Such was the case with Ascend Stewardship Solutions. Russ and his team were not only a great source of information and resources but a great help in gaining the financial foundation needed to fulfill the next steps of God’s vision for us. Not only was Russ very professional but I found him to be genuine in his desire to help..."

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