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For more information on our Capital Campaign Fundraising, please contact Russ Priddy, Lead Consultant.



Thinking of starting a church capital campaign? Our results measure up successfully with any other company in the industry. Ascend Has Helped Churches Raise Over one billion for Church Financing and $500 Million in Capital Campaign Funds. Decades of experience in churches from every denomination and location have multiplied their tithes and offerings to further their mission for the kingdom.

Quick Questions

Q: “How much can a church raise with a capital giving campaign?”
A: A professionally facilitated church capital campaign will typically raise between two and three times the church’s current annual income (over and above the budget offerings). A capital campaign is an important part of every church’s financial strategy, whether it is looking to raise money to build a church, renovate, or to retire debt.

Q: “Is a capital campaign for churches just like a fundraiser?”
A: Fundraisers are often in conjunction with a specific event. Capital Campaigns may include a series of events but are about something much bigger than an event. Rather than fundraising, we encourage churches to present capital campaigns as a spiritual and financial journey.

If you have any more questions you can head over to the Ascend Stewardship blog. We discuss a variety of topics that help church leaders gain a full scope understanding of everything involved with capital church giving campaigns.


A capital campaign is rarely successful when handled entirely from the inside of an organization. Outside partners bring fresh perspectives and unbiased clarity. It’s important to choose a capital campaign consultant that has a track record of success in raising money through the capital giving campaign for churches. Choosing the right church capital campaign is so important we wrote a blog on how to go about the process. Click here to read: What to Look for in a Capital Campaign Consultant?

Your congregation’s spiritual growth is an important part of our mission. We follow the scriptural outline of sacrificial giving and emphasize the celebration of God’s generosity. You and your congregation must prayerfully consider the situation, and faithfully trust in God’s provision. Faith, combined with a strategic plan, often leads to tremendous and unexpected results.

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A biblical, flexible, and effective church capital giving campaign can raise money for new building projects, church renovations, or debt retirement. We know that planning, implementing, and executing a successful capital offering campaign takes a lot of time, effort, expertise, and resources! Ascend Stewardship strives to set the bar for exceeding customer expectations by offering as many resources as possible for church leaders. Our main goal is to grow God’s kingdom, monetary compensations always come second.

That’s why our services include Captial Campaign Fundraising, Capital Campaign Loan Financing, and Expert Personal Stewardship Training.

We also offer awesome free resources to help get your capital campaigns started. Check out The 6 Step Guide to Capital Church Campaigns Complete Guide. Or get inspired by reading one of our many capital campaign success stories that cover previous partners. Follow Ascend Stewardship on social media for consistent biblically empowering content. Check us out on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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No company can match us in our rates. Ministry over money.

With 25 years of experience working with churches on fund-raising campaigns, we are a proven, God-centered professional consultant. We know that pastors and church leaders are seldom trained in fund-raising, and we have proven, again and again, that churches meet, or often surpass, their goals when we walk with you throughout the fund-raising process.

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Success Stories

In the spring of 2018, we were under contract with a firm to lead our Capital Campaign, when suddenly the principle of this firm passed away. This left us feeling rudderless and wondering what we should or could do. Into this dilemma, through a mutual acquaintance, we were introduced to Russ Priddy. What a divinely appointed meeting this turned out to be.

We have had the help, guidance and leadership of Russ throughout our capital campaign and were able to successfully acquire commitments for 3 times our annual budget to our new building program. This was an excellent result and due to the materials and guidance of Russ Priddy this was made possible.

Russ, thank you for your help and encouragement and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to initiate a capital campaign. Thank you for your positive motivation, communication and documents that helped us succeed.

— Andrew King, Lead Pastor
Highland Village

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