Prayer must be the epicenter of a solid Capital Campaign. Nothing we do as Christians should be undertaken without the fervent prayer of all involved and through the duration of the process.

2. It is not about the money

A successful Capital Campaign will emphasize submission and obedience to God by celebrating his goodness and blessings that have been received. By giving sacrificially, church members will be encouraged in their faith walks, in living righteously, and giving generously back to God. We cannot out give God…but how many have tried?

3. Cast a clear vision and plan

Church Leadership MUST be able to convey clearly the vision and plan God has laid upon them. By articulately laying out this plan to membership and getting them to SEE and AGREE with the vision will build unity and consensus.

4. The purpose of the church is changing lives

Never lose sight of the purpose of the church. What a Capital Campaign will accomplish for the church and the community it serves in terms of evangelism, can be immense and bring more glory to God.

5. Faith

Faith in God and His provision is paramount for a successful Capital Campaign. Throughout our lives, there are times when we must be reminded that all we possess is from God, and we are called to be good stewards of it all.

6. EVERYONE is involved

Not everyone can give equally. But everyone can sacrifice equally…ever heard that before? A dollar is 100 pennies but it is not whole until the 100th penny is added. A Capital Campaign is not whole until every pledge is counted and every sacrifice is viewed the same, not the amount.

7. Substance over flash

A successful Capital Campaign requires substantive materials, not the best looking. Quality information presented in the proper manner can be more effective than mediocre information presented in the most expensive of materials.

8. Church Consensus

Everyone must understand this is our church, our goal, and they are an integral part in making this successful.

9. Theme

The successful Capital Campaign must have a theme that is relevant and exudes the culture of the church. This will catch the attention of the members and draw them into becoming part of the plan.

10. Consider Hiring a Professional

Many churches will scoff at the idea of hiring a professional consultant. Commonly asking why pay an outsider to help raise our own money? The short answer is that the church will raise more money. Not many churches will have a professional fund raiser on staff or in attendance. Also, fundraising is not generally a part of the education received by pastors and they usually lack the expertise to raise sufficient funds themselves. Hiring a proven, God-centered professional consultant will greatly aid in the total amount raised and will more than cover the cost of hiring them.


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